Moirai is an ensemble specialised in the music of the middle ages.


Working with the musical material that lies in the mysterious field between musical notation and oral transmission, the ensemble not only strives to re-awaken old songs gone silent, but also asks the question: Why are these songs more relevant today than ever before?

Moirai aims to reconstruct a lost music tradition and, in working without musical notation but only with the text and some memory aides, approaches the mind space and creative process of the medieval musician.

While exploring archaic performance modalities, Moirai allows artistic creativity to come into play, forming a dialogue between old and new, creating a meeting space for two cultures separated by time: The music of the past, and the listener of the present.

Moirai is directed by Hanna Marti and Mara Winter.

Völuspá - From the forthcoming album, Blood Treasure, Woven Fates